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The Give Group, LLC

Who We Are

The Give Group, LLC is a resource information research firm specializing in performing donor and customer prospecting research. We are a leading outsourced research prospecting agency. We locate key information and data that connects our clients to source prospects that yield long term sustainable revenue.

What We Do

We gather, filter, analyze and compile information and data on LEADS that convert prospects into donors or customers. We pinpoint relevant information on philanthropically inclined donors for grant seekers and serve as a prospector for professionals searching for new prospects and updated data on existing ones. We handle those gut wrenching prospecting research activities (i.e. names given by board members, collected at conferences and tradeshows; found on cold calls, outdated and warm lists; websites, social media, etc.).

How We Do It

We combine the performing of prospect research and sales prospecting with innovative technologies to capture resources information and data for initiating and developing new prospects and existing donors or clients with capacities. We use a hybrid of databases, real time insights and news, interactive tools like maps, directories and social media platforms to identify and qualify prospects.


Our Goals 

We help our clients:

  • Build a continuous sustainable pipeline of new prospects

  • Provide relevant updated information on existing prospects that help retain and grow revenue

Excellent in Action

Nonprofit Management 


Mississippi Center for Nonprofits

Registered Fundraising Counsel

State of Mississippi

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

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